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>> whoa, congratulations. randy and colita will join a whine tasting. we'll see you next time. >> colita, i'm glad you accepted my bag. >> me too. i'm looking forward to our date. >> so am
11:31 am
following the victims of the connecticut school tragedy. >> the very first funerals are underway right now. people gathered to remember two of the 20 young students killed. >> it is 2:00 in newtown right now. first two funerals begin at 1:00. the community will spend the
11:32 am
next several days carrying out the grim task time and again. parents bearing their babies doing what no parent should have to do. >> residents are galvanized in their grief and beginning their goodbyes to the innocent victims. noah is being buried. he celebrated his sixth birthday with twin sister last month. she survived the shooting rampage. school classmate jack pinto is being laid to rest. he loved the new york giants and big fan of victor cruz. parents told him they will bury jack in his favorite jersey. >> i'm going to stay strong and do whatever i can do to honor them. >> they are still going to interview many children who survived the blood bath.
11:33 am
>> any interviews will be done with professionals. >> we know the shooter forced his way into the school and carried an arsenal of weapons including a bushmaster assault rifle and hundreds of rounds of high powered ammunition. >> every single facet of the weapons will be analyzed. every single round of ammunition will be looked at. >> a painstaking investigation begins. last night, president obama spoke to the community in pain vowing to take action using the power of his office to make sure that another massacre like this happens again. >> we can't tolerate this anymore. >> after they are laid arrest res today the rest of the children will be buried later this week. this morning, we're hearing a new story of survival.
11:34 am
sandy hook school nurse is talking for the first time about the moment when she said she knew something terrible was happening. in an exclusive interview she said she heard loud upcoming noises and hid under her compute desk. >> i could see him from the knees down. >> right in front of you? >> 20 feet away, his boots were facing my desk and then he turned around walked out. i heard the door close. >> she and the school secretary called 911 and stay lid en for almost four hours. they were petrified and didn't know how many shooters there were. >> there is are in details about the gunman. a spokesman says lanza took classes there when she was just 16 even earning some a's but
11:35 am
eventually dropping out. faculty member he suffered a condition where he physically felt no pain. >> if he cut himself or hurt himself he would not know it or feel it. >> he would have periods of times when he would withdraw entirely onto himself. >> richard says lanza had several disorders and was seeing the school psychologist. the but were worried that he could be bullied or harm himself. >> they say it demands immediate national action. announcement comes as new poll shows that 54% of those surveyed want stricter gun laws, 59% support a ban on high capacity clips and 52% want a ban on semi-automatic handguns. >> i think it should be illegal to have a weapon whose only
11:36 am
purpose is to kill large numbers of people. i think it should be illegal to sell bullets whose only purpose is to pierce armored vests. last time i saw a deer wearing an armored vest was long time ago. >> dianne feinstein says she plans to call for a vote on an assault weapons ban. >> bay area parents are also react go to the tragedy in connecticut including one south bay school that has had two scares in one week. we'll have continuing coverage on a connecticut school tragedy throughout the day. laura anthony is in connecticut and we'll have live reports at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 and abc news will have special editions of world news at 5:30 and "nightline" at 11:35. >> right now, widely scattered
11:37 am
showers but not like the steady rain we saw this morning that caused accidents and even a couple of rainbows. terry mcsweeney is live in san jose to tell us more. >> some people look at this stuff and they say it's nothing but nuisance rain and causes car crashes and doesn't produce enough runoff to help the low reservoirs in the santa clara valley but some people say, it's a beautiful day. >> this is video of i-280 in burlingame. a picture similar to the view from the front seat of cars throughout the bay area this morning. with the rain, come spinouts near the 380 interchange. manny maybe more drivers should follow her advice. >> slow down. people don't know how to slowdown in california when it starts to rain. >> the rain brings beauty like the rainbow in the south bay. jewel can tell you about
11:38 am
rainbows. >> they are pretty and they are colorful with red and blue and they even have brown and black. if there are no colors it's just a black rainbow it wouldn't be like that. >> and in the sanity cruz mountains, the heavy mist came down for hours and hours. they were thinking about what rain does for her schedule at school. >> we watch a move. >> what is the move today? >> i don't know. >> what do you want it to be? >> and some people weren't thinking much about the rain at you will all? >> no. >> doesn't make you late for work? >> no, i live close by. weather is kind of nothing to you? >> it doesn't matter. [ laughter ]
11:39 am
>> i'm going to stay down here in the santa clara valley and look for some of those white and black rainbows that she was talking about. >> if you find them be sure to let us know. >> you saw the video around burlingame. we got an alert, southbound 280 at hillcrest avenue that is millbrae, all the lanes are closed right now except for one. one lane getting through because of a major injury accident. san mateo county officials say they will be on the scene for some time there. >> thank you very much. good morning everybody. you can see the best radar returns north and also south. let's start over in the east bay we have a few areas of rain, coming out of livermore south of pleasanton and see over towards fremont, sunol grade, most of the rain is farther south in
11:40 am
south san jose. many of the states, camden avenue and santa teresa boulevard, that whole area is where we get better radar returns. the radar is not as impressive as the rainfall that have been coming down. bodega avenue, over towards marin county and petaluma road that is where we're seeing better radar returns right now. we have rain up in the north and scattered showers in the afternoon. steady rain and wait until you see thursday this weekend, big storm on its way. >> still ahead, parents are grappling with the threat at a south bay school. how the school tragedy in connecticut is impacting. >> security measures that bay area schools are focusing on in the wake of last week's [ female announcer ] this is a spspecial message from at&.
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students are back in class at two south bay schools that were shut down because of threats to teachers. news reporter karina rusk is live in coupe with this story. >> reporter: we don't know specifically if the teacher who was named in that graffiti threat has returned to class.
11:44 am
we do know because an arrest has been made the teacher and his family are no longer receiving personal protection from the santa clara county sheriff's office. the bomb threat on thursday has left lasting repercussions especially in light of newtown on friday. investigators were very aware of those horrific shootings as they work around the clock to figure out who was responsible and arrested a 16-year-old student that confessed that said that bomb was planted to kill a speck teacher. not only with montevista campus closed and lincoln elementary was shut down where parents say the tragedy in connecticut made it more difficult to have a conversation with their children about the situation. >> it's very delicate way you have to explain it to the kids.
11:45 am
they can't really understand the details in their minds in a way that safety is necessary >> reporter: counselors are being made available for students is stoondz that need to talk or parents that need to talk to their children. as for the 16-year-old arrested for the threats here in cupertino. he does face felony charges but because of his age, this case is being handled by the juvenile probation department. karina rusk, "abc 7 news." with heightened concern over kids' safety many school districts are emphasizing security procedures. amy hollyfield is live at san francisco school district headquarters to continue our coverage. >> i just spoke with the superintendent. he tells me that he has asked
11:46 am
all his principals to take another look at emergency response plan and see if they have questions or if they need any changes. parents already saw a change first thing this morning. >> and sherman elementary school in san francisco parents watched with surprise but understanding as administrators tightened security this morning. >> they locked the doors. that is the reality. unfortunately that is the world we're living in. we have to lock down the doors. >> it's the first day back and parents say the tragedy was definitely on their minds as they dropped off their kids. >> anybody that is bringing kids to school, they are well aware of all the thoughts that are going on with the families and kids, of course, and the teachers. >> the principal at sherman told us it is an extremely difficult day for schools. she didn't want to talk to
11:47 am
camera because she wanted to be with her students. parents heard from her and they appreciated that. >> so it's an effort to work with first responders so they are very pro-active about that. >> and she said the shootings made her realize she wanted to know more about her school emergency plan. >> because we're trying to figure out, we need to have more meetings and figure out what is going on. >> he says he realizes this will not be an ordinary day and experts will be watching the kids. >> we have number of individuals that have been trained on going through traumatic incidents and debriefing that and grievance process. so we have trained individuals and we'll be there the rest of this week. >> reporter: the teams of counselors out on the campuses,
11:48 am
they also have san francisco and campus officers looking for any problems or concerns. >> memorials to remember the victims of the tragedy continue tonight in the bay area. on the peninsula a service of remembrance gets underway at 7:00 at the first presbyterian church in burlingame. it will take place on the church a el camino real. >> still looking at delays at sfo about 45 minutes but you are starting to see breaks in those. that is going to mean some frosty nights before we lower the hammer on thursday and saturday. big storms coming our way. i'll tell you what they mean. >> and tight squeeze, a man spent his
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
in san francisco, firefighters rescued a man that was stuck that chimney overnight. it happened around midnight on clay street in the laurel heights neighborhood. it caused quite a commotion for people that live there. they don't know why he was in chimney.
11:52 am
fire crews had to get him out. >> we don't think he was delivering presents either. >> we have a present, if you would like rainy weather but it will dry out pretty soon. >> we have a couple days, tomorrow and wednesday to get ready for the next round of storms which will be intense. one thursday will set the stage for saturday and flooding and possible of power outages. i know it's monday but we need to keep our eye on to get out of work and shopping. here is a look at san jose. you see it's gray and one of the best areas so steadier rain as cold front slowly moving through the bay area. training echoes and alan e-mailed me, inch and a half last evening. here is a look as we look at vollmer peak, east bay, some of
11:53 am
the wet weather, in fact you can see it on live doppler, sunol grade coming out of livermore, heading down 680 and also 880 heading out of fremont. it's down in the southern sections of santa clara valley, we're picking up the greens, heading towards morgan hill and los gatos, 17, and 35 getting more rain. scattered showers, a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of cold air. you have a shower or two but steady rain is going to be over shortly. rainfall amounts, about half an inch in santa rosa. quarter of an inch in napa and oakland, look at redwood city, third of an inch, about .04. 52 in fremont to about 58 in napa. that is about as warm as it is
11:54 am
going to get. until then, mid-50s to about 61 around monterey bay and inland. steady rain for the next hour or two and then showers this afternoon. it's going to be floss at this not only tonight but wednesday morning could be the coldest morning all week. cold front is moving more to the east and then it is to the south and that is the low is moving away from us. this is the colder air and it's coming straight down from alaska and into our neighborhoods. cold front moving southward. you can see the steady rain and hardly any showers by 5:00. we'll keep a stray one in here. next one is going to stay over the ocean and showers over the ocean. that will continue until about noon. 5:00 the clearing and coldest of the air comes in. that is when we have the widespread fog. most of day we'll see increasing
11:55 am
clouds and light showers wednesday in the north bay but look at this. yellow and orange is coming down for thursday. that is bigger storm on the way with the gusty winds and heavier rain. that is thursday. any, periods of rain. saturday another system comes on the heels of that and after thursday, the one on saturday with the power outages and flooding. looks like more showers on sunday this weekend. could be a washout. hopefully that will change by the time we get
11:56 am
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11:58 am
coming up at 3:00 on katie, coping with the emotional impact. are we ready for serious solutions for gun violence? credit card companies giving you money back, why you may see a credit on up coming bill and taking guesswork out of the flu shots. new vaccine may target the strain in any given year. those stories at 4:00 and 5:00. >> for all of us, thank you for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> and there is hosted of free [ female announcer ] this is a spececial message from at&.
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